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Macaroni Egg salad

Never boring ang hump-day bonding kapag may Macaroni Egg Salad for merienda!

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Pineapple Bacon Macaroni

I-level up ang nakasanayang macaroni salad! Make it more “pine” with pineapple and bacon bits to make a Pineapple Bacon Mac.

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Chili con Carne Macaroni

Spice up your regular baked mac with Chili con Carne na magbibigay ng konting anghang sa bawat handaan!

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Pinoy Rumble Sopas

Need to energize your day? Let’s get ready to rumble with a Rumble Sopas!

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Cheeseburger Macaroni

Take a bite and enjoy a hearty Cheeseburger Mac with El Real Elbow Macaroni!

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Pizza Pasta

I-end ang week with a pizza party na may El Real twist! Kick off the weekend with a Pizza Pasta!

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Breakfast Pasta

The best time for breakfast is anytime! Pwedeng mag-breakfast all day ang buong family with El Real Breakfast Pasta!

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Adobo Mac and Cheese

Ang adobo, pwede pang gawing bago! Turn your leftover ulam into something special with El Real recipe!

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Sushi Bake

Ang usong-uso na sushi bake, pwedeng i-recreate when you Pastafy It with El Real! Try the El Real Sushi Bake-a-roni na may saya at sarap in every bite!

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Cheesy Volcano Mac & Cheese

Level up the classic mac & cheese sa bago mong pasabog this Christmas! Make this Cheesy Volcano Mac & Cheese with an oozing cheese center na bechamel-golly-wow.

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Pesto and Parmesan Macaroni

Try some pasta so tasty and fresh, it makes us glad it’s not a salad. Just add pesto — and presto! May fragrant Pesto and Parmesan Macaroni ka na just like that!

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