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Pineapple Party Pasta

Make your simple merienda “pine” and colorful! Party with El Real with this Pineapple Party Pasta!

Lechon Spaghetti

It ain’t a party without lechon! Turn this holiday favorite into another big celebration staple with this recipe for Lechon Spaghetti!

Caldereta Pasta

I-level up na ang kinasasabikang Pinoy dish with El Real Healthy Spaghetti! Turn your Caldereta into a pasta dish!

Bacon Spaghetti Supreme

Tuloy-tuloy lang ang saya for the family with a spaghetti supremacy! Enjoyin ang sarap ng Bacon Spaghetti Supreme!

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Cheesy Volcano Mac & Cheese

Level up the classic mac & cheese sa bago mong pasabog this Christmas! Make this Cheesy Volcano Mac & Cheese with an oozing cheese center na bechamel-golly-wow.

Sushi Bake

Ang usong-uso na sushi bake, pwedeng i-recreate when you Pastafy It with El Real! Try the El Real Sushi Bake-a-roni na may saya at sarap in every bite!

Creamy Tuna Spaghetti

I-tunafy ang delicious twist sa classic Pinoy Sweet Style Spaghetti! Make this Real with Real Sarap Bundles.

Seafood Pomodoro

Para hindi laging pork o beef ang nakahain, why not seafood naman tayo? Siguradong mapapabalik kahit mga bagets sa bago mong specialty na Seafood Pomodoro!