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Healthy Sardine Spaghetti

Simple and healthy pero hindi tinipid! Try a Healthy Sardine Pasta for the weekend!

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Pineapple Bacon Macaroni

I-level up ang nakasanayang macaroni salad! Make it more “pine” with pineapple and bacon bits to make a Pineapple Bacon Mac.

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Sausage Aglio Olio

Simulan ang busy week with a yummy and delicious Sausage Aglio Olio pasta!

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Fresh Corn Party Pasta

Gawing mas masaya ang party with a Fresh Corn Party Pasta! Simple lang pero sure na party-fave!

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Breakfast Pasta

The best time for breakfast is anytime! Pwedeng mag-breakfast all day ang buong family with El Real Breakfast Pasta!

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Adobo Mac and Cheese

Ang adobo, pwede pang gawing bago! Turn your leftover ulam into something special with El Real recipe!

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Caldereta Pasta

I-level up na ang kinasasabikang Pinoy dish with El Real Healthy Spaghetti! Turn your Caldereta into a pasta dish!

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